The pro² Network+ Code of Conduct for Members

This document was published in July 2023 with guidance from the pro² Steering Group. It reflects the network’s values and acceptable behaviour policy. It is not a final document and will continue to be updated over time to best serve the network and its members.

1. What is the pro² Network+?

We are a UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded network that aims to democratise the production of digital devices, by improving the transition from prototype to product. We want to make it easier for people to produce digital devices.

We are working to do this by offering support to digital device producers in the following ways:

– Funding for projects jointly led by academia and industry, focussed on new tools, materials, processes and platforms that enable all people to produce digital devices.

– Networking opportunities for members to connect individuals and organisations with similar interests in digital device production.

– Events such as conferences, workshops, webinars and hackathons which provide dedicated spaces for exchanging ideas and generating solutions to challenges.

– Policy change as the result of pro² activities and objectives, such as network advocacy for change.

2. Who are the pro² Team?

The pro² team consists of our Steering Group, who provide strategic direction on network activities, and the management team, who provide the day-to-day running of the network. Please visit the About Us page on the pro2 website for more information.

3. Who can be a pro² network member?

Our network is made up of academics, industry experts, and individual innovators. It’s free to join and open to anyone with an interest in improving the process of transitioning digital device prototypes to products.

New members can join the network by completing the registration form on the pro² website.

4. Our values 

We believe that the success of our network relies upon collaboration between and contribution from a diverse group of individuals and organisations, representing a broad array of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives. We believe that this diversity will enrich the work that we are doing and ensure that it is carried out in a way that is beneficial to society. 

To facilitate this, we aim to incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do. 

We also believe that our network also has a responsibility to carry out its mission in a way that is environmentally sustainable. We are taking actions to track our environmental impact and aim to reduce it wherever possible.

5. Our code of conduct for members 

To create an inclusive space which fosters collaboration, creativity and diversity, it is important that our members conduct themselves in a professional and acceptable manner. This includes treating others with respect and consideration, and avoiding any behaviour which may cause harm to others or the environment.

We expect members of the network to:

– Work professionally and co-operatively with others.

– Show respect for differences, including differences of opinion or perspective.

– Refrain from discriminating against others on the basis of protected characteristics as outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

– Avoid the use of language which may be deemed as offensive or hate speech.

– Refrain from the bullying or harassment of others and the misuse of power, both within and without the pro² network,.

– Refrain from spreading malicious rumours or gossip.

6. Resolution process 

In the event that a member violates this code of conduct, the issue should be raised with the network manager and/or principal investigator who will seek a resolution that is appropriate for the circumstances. This may include a written warning, or in the case of severe and/or repeated violation of the code network membership may be revoked.