This month, we’re excited to announce the newly formed Advisory Board for the pro² network+. Following a recruitment campaign that took place over the summer of 2023, we’ve now welcomed nine senior-level experts from across academia and industry to the board. Find their profiles and LinkedIn pages on the About Us page.

The board held its first meeting on 11th October 2023. pro² Steering Group members Mike Fraser (University of Bristol) and Steve Hodges (Microsoft Research) also attended, along with network manager, Sarah Hughes. The group spent some time getting to know one another and then discussed topics including the network’s accomplishments thus far and what opportunities lie ahead for pro² in the future. This discussion was informed by the pro² Theory of Change which maps out our ambitions for empowering more people to produce digital devices. (For an accessible version, please see the text-only Theory of Change).

Drawing on a diverse breadth of knowledge and experience, the board provides a valuable source of insight. They will meet twice yearly to offer guidance on the network’s activities and strategic direction. Board members are independent from the pro² Steering Group, allowing them to be a voice of both outside encouragement and friendly criticism when needed. To learn more about this, please see our Terms of Reference.